More and more of my work over the past few months has been developed with Visual Studio 2010 on SL4 and I'm loving a lot of the new features.  And today the product launch has started!  Look here for more information: and read ahead to let me highlight some of the features I'm already loving.

  1. Better Intellisense wordwheeling.  Instead of only matching the beginning of members on the object you are calling, VS2010 will use full string matching.  Typing customer.Order will bring up any methods or properties you have that have 'Order' in them, including GetOrder, UpdateOrder, etc.  More information about Search-As You Type and other navigation features here:
  2. Symbol highlighting.  When you click a symbol, for example a local variable in a method, all references to that symbol are highlited in the document.  Very useful for quickly seeing the scope of a change you are about to make:
  3. Call Hierarchy.  In any large solution you are going to be managing code that was written by other people.  Sometimes you need a quick view of the code flow and what is calling a certain method.  Previously you'd use Find References to see any reference made to that symbol.  Instead, right click a method, property or constructor call and click View Call Hierarchy.  You'll get a tree of all calls made from and to the selected symbol and a quick list of all call sites that you can immedately navigate to.  More information here:

Two tweaks I make to my Visual Studio 2010 install are:

  • In previous versions, when you had multiple files open and you clicked from tab to tab, the file you were currently are viewing would be selected in solution view.  I find this extremely useful when dealing with large solutions where you need quick access to various projects.  This feature still exists in VS2010, but is turned off by default now.  To turn it back on: Tools > Options > Projects and Solutions > check "Track Active Item in Solution Explorer"
  • I like line numbering on by default; this hasn't changed and is still available from: Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages (or whichever you prefer) > Line Numbers (under Display)