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November, 2010

  • Journey to the Center of the Web

    PDC10 Download List


    Session downloads that had audio sync issue are being published back to the web.  We've also put together a simple html list for individual file downloads.  You can find it at the PDC blog:

    We'll keep updating the list as the rest of the videos come online.  The PDC Downloader automatically picks up these changes so you can continue using it directly as well.

    Both of the High formats are 720p.  WMV Low is 640x360.  MP4 Low is 480x272 - perfect for your Zune HD :)

  • Journey to the Center of the Web

    PDC10 Downloader


    [Update 10 Nov 2010] Session downloads are mostly back up.  More details and a html download list on my latest blog post:

    [Update 5 Nov 2010] I've updated the app to include error logging (error.log in your My Videos\PDC10 folder) and auto updating.  You'll need to remove the app (Right click > Remove...) and reinstall to get this update.  Also note that we are aware of some audio sync issues and are currently reencoding any videos that we find.  These videos will not be available while they are fixed and will be back up shortly.  Sorry for the inconvenience, but we'd rather get the best version of these videos out.

    [Update] Peter Kellner has posted a batch file that will rename the downloaded videos to use the session titles.  Grab it here:

    My journeys have recently brought me to my new position here in the Developer and Platform Evangelism team at Microsoft.  Specifically, I'll be behind the scenes for events like PDC, MIX and Tech·Ed.  I've only been on the team for a month but I already go to attend an historic PDC and Tech·Ed Europe is just days away!  My role is going to be focused on the digital tools and assets that are used to put on our events, so I'll be able to talk about the web sites some internal tools and other cool tech.  And yes, I'll definitely be taking feedback from attendees - both physical and virtual.  

    Normally after an event we'd put together a script to help download all the associated content.  However, this year there was a little time to put together a handy tool.  The PDC10 Downloader app is a Silverlight 4 Out of Browser application that helps you queue up lots of downloads.  You can select entire categories of content along with the type of media to download and even tweak the selection by individual file.  It's not a robust download management tool, but it'll get the job done.  Click the button below to install.


    Get Microsoft Silverlight



    • PowerPoint decks from most talks
    • WMV High and Low (for desktop viewing)
    • MP4 High and Low (for portable devices).

    It will create a PDC10 folder in your My Videos library and save all files there.  If a file already exists it will skip the download, so if you have problems and would like to redownload a file just delete it and try again.

    Enjoy PDC10 and feel free to leave feedback in the comments below!

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