The MIX11 Website has been launched! is the place to go for all MIX 2011 updates and announcements.  Currently you can read up on the tentative agenda, register for the event, and vote for Open Call submissions from the community.

The website is the first of the conferences on a new platform and is the last of the conference web sites to be migrated over to Azure.  Orchard is an open source ASP.Net MVC CMS that just hit their v1 milestone.

Unfortunately we did have a few hiccups out of the gate, but we're working on getting the all resolved asap.  

  1. There shouldn't be any more problems with Unicode characters.  It was an inconvenience for some, but for others their names were not displayed correctly and that's just amateur hour.  I'm sorry and hope that it's resolved for everyone at this point.  There are several parts of the pipeline between the initial submission and them ending up on the website and one of them was saving data as ASCII instead of UTF8.  That piece of code has been sent back to the 1990s.
  2. MIX10 videos.  All MIX videos (from every year) are still available from the Archive.  Direct links to streaming sessions are broken right now but will be available as soon as they are ported into the archives.  We'll get at least a redirect to the archive page up as a temp fix.

There wasn't enough time to get every feature we wanted into the site, but it's the first on it's platform and it will grow from event to event.  Here are some hidden features that you can use for OpenCall voting in the meantime:

We're listening and responding to feedback via:

You can also leave comments here about website specific items, but the other means are monitored by more than one person :)