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February, 2005

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    Flowfinity - PR From This Week


    Flowfinity Wireless and Partners Extend Microsoft Business Solutions to BlackBerry

    Flowfinity's Development Platform Enables Microsoft CRM and ERP Systems to Be Connected to Field Force

    VANCOUVER, BC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/14/05 -- Flowfinity Wireless, a leading provider of wireless application products and platforms, today released details on the use of its development platform by customers and partners to connect Microsoft Business Solutions product lines to BlackBerry® from Research In Motion (RIM) (NASDAQ: RIMM); (TSX: RIM). Being the first BlackBerry ISV Alliance member to achieve ".NET Connected" certification for its applications has attracted many partners and customers who depend on Microsoft systems for their businesses. A number of Flowfinity's partners have developed products of their own using the Flowfinity development platform; these Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) will ship their products with a "Powered by Flowfinity" brand to leverage both the Microsoft-friendly technology and Flowfinity's name recognition with carriers globally.

    "Flowfinity is committed to helping enterprises capitalize on the benefits of connecting Microsoft systems to BlackBerry," said Dmitry Mikhailov, CEO of Flowfinity Wireless. "We have a growing base of partners and customers that have connected Microsoft CRM, Navision and Great Plains to BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds with our platform."

    In Canada, TenDigits Software is a Flowfinity OEM partner that has built a "Powered by Flowfinity" product, MobileAccess for Microsoft CRM. MobileAccess extends Microsoft CRM's contacts, opportunities, leads, and accounts to BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds using bi-directional synchronization. Microsoft CRM data is made resident on the handheld for wait-free access by the sales person, making it easy to access and update information anytime, anywhere. TenDigits Software will be showcasing this software at the Microsoft Convergence conference in San Diego in March.

    The global Microsoft partner Tectura has built a product that extends Microsoft Navision data to BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds. Now, both field sales and field service activities can effectively be initiated, tracked and completed to improve business performance. Tectura Germany has developed and will be showcasing this software at CeBIT in Hannover in March, and in April it will be available globally through Tectura's offices around the world.

    "Mid-market enterprises are demanding real-time wireless solutions," said Mark Relph, MicrosoftCanada Co. "At Microsoft we are pleased to support Microsoft Certified Partners like Flowfinity who use innovative approaches that leverage Microsoft .NET connection software to connect wireless handhelds to Microsoft Business Solutions."

    In the United States, Flowfinity customers have been connecting their Microsoft Great Plains accounting systems into critical mobile business processes. These customers have been using mobile applications that they custom-developed using the Flowfinity development platform.

    "We implemented our field force automation in 3 steps -- improved data collection using Flowfinity Forms, then improved productivity by developing a custom solution using the Flowfinity development platform, and then increased operations management by integrating the solution with a Great Plains accounting system from Microsoft. Flowfinity's .NET architecture and Visual Studio .NET support made it both economically and technically feasible," said Brian Tower, Director, Information Technology at Ortho Rehab.

    Flowfinity is actively recruiting partners for both of its partner programs: "Flowfinity Solutions Alliance" for systems integrators and the "Powered by Flowfinity" OEM licensing program for ISVs.

    For a customer case study on OrthoRehab: http://flowfinity.com/orthorehab.

    For more information on Tectura: http://www.tectura.com.

    For more information on TenDigits: http://www.tendigits.com.

    About Flowfinity Wireless

    Flowfinity Wireless provides business applications to improve the productivity of mobile professionals by enabling them to securely, reliably receive and use information anytime and anywhere without having to "ask for, then wait for" it. Flowfinity uniquely combines high usability and capability with painless integration, resulting in an unrivaled total cost of ownership. Flowfinity products are used for field service, inspections, sales, and inventory management use cases in a wide variety of vertical markets. Flowfinity is a technology partner with Research In Motion (RIM), Microsoft, Borland, Sun and IBM. Today, Flowfinity has a growing base of customers and partners in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. Reach Flowfinity Wireless at www.flowfinity.com.

    The BlackBerry and RIM families of related marks, images and symbols are the exclusive properties and trademarks of Research In Motion Limited.

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    Looking For A Few ISV Champions To Join My Team


    I have 2 open roles on my team - both are ISV focused.  Below are the links to the job descriptions.


    “The ISV DE role is a technical one, with the mission of driving ISV adoption of the Microsoft platform. The concept of high-touch technical enablement with strategic ISVs is crucial to understanding the goal of the ISV DE role. ISV DEs aim their time and efforts at the larger, locally managed ISVs, spending high-quality 1:1 time in the role of trusted technical advisor. This position has an impact at the subsidiary level in terms of directly working with strategic ISVs to enable them to build applications on the Microsoft platform. By acting as a trusted technical advisor with ISVs, ISV DEs will also increase ISV developer satisfaction. ISV DEs contribute directly to the ISV adoption of .NET related technologies WW and the establishment of a healthy ISV developer eco-system.”


    The first role is based in Toronto and focuses on ISVs in general terms.  The second role can be located in either Toronto, Vancouver or Calgary and focuses specifically on the Microsoft Business Solutions ERP products.  This role is also part of a larger North American wide MBS team.



     Interested?  Use the online application tool on the links above to apply!!!

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    The Canadian Strategic Architect Forum



    Join top architecture experts at the Canadian Strategic Architect Forum. This prestigious, three-day conference has been designed specifically to meet the needs of enterprise strategic, solution and application architects like you. The event features presentations by Microsoft and other industry professionals, as well as hands-on, interactive sessions, dealing with a variety of topics, including the relationship between architecture and business strategy.

    Learn from the best and brightest minds in architecture:
    Jack Calhoun – CEO and Co-Founder of Accelare
    Gregor Hohpe – Integration Architect Lead, ThoughtWorks Inc.
    Pat Helland – Architect, Architecture Strategy, Microsoft
    Don Box – Architect, Distributed Systems Group, Microsoft

    Plus attend highly specialized and detailed information sessions:
    • Security (David Aucsmith)
    • VSTS (Prashant Sridharan)
    • Compliance (Mike Burner)
    • SOA and Reliable Messaging (Pat Helland)
    • Smart Client (Scott Garvey/David Hill)
    • Microsoft Architectural Framework (Gunpreet Pall)

    Intimate and interactive breakout sessions will also be offered and will give you the opportunity to discuss current industry trends and to provide feedback directly to the professionals in Redmond.

    For more information, and to register, please call 1-800-528-1668 or click here.



    © 2005 Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is either a registered trademark or trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and/or other countries.

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