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June, 2005

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    I made Scoble's blog.



    Wow - it's like I won an Oscar or something :-).  Thanks for the shout-out Robert!


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    MSDN Canada Community Radio - Show #3 - Behind The Scenes @ The Spring Tour In Toronto



    MSDN Canada Presents Community Radio - Behind The Scenes @ The Spring Tour In Toronto



    First, a quick apology for being silent on the audio feed for the last few weeks.  It's our Q4, what can we say - no excuses. 

    So, to make it up to you I trekked down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to give you a behind the scenes tour.

    We think that we are improving on the quality and content of the audio.  Please feel free to comment back to me with suggestions.


    Show notes:

    - A quick chat with Adam Gallant

    - Barnaby Jeans from our ITPro / TechNet team

    - A quick sample of the presentation (recorded live)

    - Post-event resources including the presentations, additional reading / webcasts: http://www.msdn.microsoft.com/canada/MSDNSpringTour2005/postevent/


    Presenter blogs:


    Links to the audio for manual download are here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/canada/audio/

    RSS for community radio is:  http://msdn.microsoft.com/canada/audio/MSDNCommunityRadio.xml


    Watch for the full Toronto Tour audio to hit the audio feed later in the month.



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    WiFi At 32,000ft


    My good friend Rick Segal (Canadian VC maverick) has a new blog (which is great) and was writing about his recent experience on SAS.  Check it out.




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    Congrats To Kate!


    Kate Gregory has been named Microsoft Regional Direct Of The Year!  (And she is a Canadian!)

    Kate earned this honor through her unwavering community spirit, never-ending positive attitude, relentless speaking schedule, deep technical knowledge, and countless other positive attributes and achievements. As an international ambassador for C++ and Visual Studio, she has accumulated a strong following for her thought provoking presentations. Her customers, Microsoft employees, and fellow Regional Directors alike hold Kate in high esteem. Kate is someone you can always count on to get the job done.

    Regional Directors aren't Microsoft employees--they're independent developers, architects, trainers, and other professionals who provide a vital link between Microsoft and the developer community. These technical experts can give you the insight and informed perspective you need to start developing .NET-connected software today--whether you need help learning about the .NET Framework, training developers, or implementing all aspects of a solution.

    About Kate:

    Kate Gregory is a founding partner of Gregory Consulting Limited. She has over two decades of scientific and engineering programming experience in a variety of programming languages including Fortran, PL/I, C++, Java, Visual Basic, and C#. In 1989 Kate finally started using the Internet, after hearing about it for years from friends who were already addicted. In early 1995 Kate co-authored a book on Usenet for Que, kicking off a writing career that now covers well over ten books on programming and related topics including XML, most recently Microsoft Visual C++ .Net 2003 Kick Start. She is also a standup instructor, teaching Microsoft .NET, XML, C++ programming, Object Oriented concepts, and UML for several training companies and selected clients. Kate's outstanding energy and knowledge of her subject matter have put her teaching in high demand around the world.

    Kate is also available as a speaker. She has been bringing her enthusiasm and technical expertise to Microsoft's Developer Days since 1997, and five times has toured Canada to deliver DevDays or other all-day developer-focused information for Microsoft Canada. Kate loves to show off new technologies to standing room-only crowds. Many of her Toronto talks have been filmed for use on
    the .NET show, airing on YTV. She also recorded six one-hour shows in-studio on Developing for Office 2003. Recent conferences include TechEd 2003 USA (two talks) and TechEd Europe 2003 (two talks.) In 2003 she was accepted to the INETA speaker's bureau and travels North America to speak to user groups. Since January 2002 she has been Microsoft Regional Director for Toronto and in January 2004 she was awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional designation for Visual C++.

    Check out Kate Gregory`s regional director website at


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    Coming This Week


    It has been a very busy month (our Q4, I got engaged, went on vacation, etc).  So, to say the least the blog has been a little neglected.


    So, stay tuned for:  Updates from the world of Evangelism, a community events update (audio) and podcasting from the Q4 tour.

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    MSDN Canada Spring Tour All This Month!


    My team (along with the Technet team) are on the road this month bringing you the latest and greatest info on VS2005 and SQL Yukon.

    The registration is here: http://www.msdn.microsoft.com/canada/MSDNSpringTour2005/

    Be warned - many of the dates are nearly or totally sold out!


    We will be posted as much content, including Podcasts, online.  (In my blog and Adam Gallant's as well)


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