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My continued love of the Dell M1330

My continued love of the Dell M1330

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Dell XPS M1330

My team and I have come to a clear conclusion – the vast majority of really happy Vista users are also M1330 or M1530 users.  Seriously, when I talk to somebody and they say that they are loving their Vista experience they always seem to answer “M1330” when I ask “what machine do ya have?”

Dell Canada has been kind enough to let me play with an M1330 for a few months now.  It’s fast, light, good looking, easy to use.  Mine is has 4GB RAM and a 180GB drive.  The screen is amazing…… the machine just makes me proud :-)   …………  It also makes my fellow MS Canada senior leadership team members a bit jealous :-)

Looking for a new machine?  Get this one.  The price is right and you won’t regret it in my opinion…

I only have 1 ask of Dell – build a docking station for this machine and help corporations understand that XPS does not always mean “consumer”.

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