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June, 2010

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    Windows 7 Compatibility Center: 17 markets in 12 languages to list over 100,000 products & new IE8 Tools


    This post also appears at windowsteamblog.com


    I'm pleased to announce we've expanded support for the Windows 7 Compatibility Center.  The fantastic Windows 7 momentum continues with a 150 million licenses sold to date, so ongoing support for the huge number of products that work with Windows is critical.

    Since my first announcement on the Windows Compatibility Center and Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, we’ve had over 25 million visitors and have been busy adding thousands of compatible applications and devices to our database.  We now track over 100,000 consumer and business products across the globe.  While this is just a sample of everything available on Windows 7, we aim to provide compatibility information for the most popular products with links to software upgrades, device driver downloads, and help resources should you need them.

    So here’s what we’re releasing today….

    The Windows 7 Compatibility Center now supports searching and browsing over 100,000 products across 17 markets and 12 languages.  When visitors in Australia, Brazil, Canada (English & French), China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Korea, Netherlands, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, United Kingdom, and the United States go to www.windows.com/compatibility, they will automatically be directed to the market and language that matches their browser setting.  From there, visitors can search and browse applications and devices relevant to their local market or use the ‘market picker’ at the top of the page to see what’s available in other languages.


    We also have a couple of new search tools for Internet Explorer 8 that hook right into the Compatibility Center. You can download this IE8 Search Provider to search from your browser’s toolbar and this IE8 Accelerator which lets you right-click a product’s name on any website to get instant results from the Compatibility Center. (These are only available in English for now.)

     image  image

    Finally, we really want to hear from our customers about how it’s going with your devices and applications on Windows 7, so we encourage you to let us know by using the Compatibly Center feedback forms. Also look for links to the Microsoft Answers forum where you can post questions and search for answers from the community and Microsoft folks.


    Cheers, Mark

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    New Windows Live Messenger Beta Video


    Get The Windows Live Beta Here

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    IE8 TV Ad #2

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    An Update On The Windows Summit 2010: New Content, Dean Hachamovitch and More


    I recently talked about the Windows Summit 2010 and today I want to give everyone a quick update on the event and some new content that went live earlier today.  If you have not yet heard, the Windows Summit 2010 is an online event for hardware and software designers, developers, engineers and testers who want to build great products on Windows 7. 

    Over the last few weeks we have launched the first two of the three content tracks:

    • The Devices track launched on May 25 and focused on how to differentiate your devices from the rest of the market by taking advantage of Windows 7.
    • On June 2, the Systems track launched and focused on helping you learn how to leverage Windows 7 features and technologies to create the best system possible.

    Feedback from those who have already viewed the series has been extremely positive.  To date, the sessions have been viewed more than 15,000 times and people continue to tune in to the series.  If you haven’t had the chance yet you can access the content from those sessions at the Windows Summit 2010 website.

    Today, the Software track launches with Dean Hachamovitch as the opening speaker.  Dean is focusing on how to build applications that are easy to use, visually appealing, and offer high performance on Windows 7.  Following Dean, you’ll have access to the fantastic Software track sessions such as Developing Multi-Touch Applications for Natural Experiences and Windows 7 Ribbon: The Next Generation User Experience for Presenting Commands in Windows Applications. With all other Summit content, the videos can be found here.

    The good news doesn’t stop there! Based on the feedback we’ve received from you, the Summit team will extend the Devices Track and launch 17 new sessions on June 30, 2010.  Eleven of those sessions are virtual workshops that will walk you through creating Device Stage experiences and will cover tools that simplify implementation of Device Stage for your products.

    Our goal for the Summit, as with all our outreach to the ecosystem around Windows, is to deliver you the content and tools you need to bring innovative software and hardware to life. Remember that all our content is on demand for you to view 24x7 so you can watch it at your own pace.


    Mark Relph, Sr. Director – Developer & Windows Ecosystem (@mrelph)

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    IE9 vs. Safari


    A good head to head example posted over at the Windows Blog.

    Get Microsoft Silverlight
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