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  • Blog Post: My CES Videos – visiting partners, this time Canon

    At CES 2010 I was hard at work with a video crew visiting some of our partners at the show.  We stopped by the Canon booth.   This is also posted on the Windows Team Blog
  • Blog Post: My CES Videos – visiting partners, first stop AMD

    I was hard at work visiting Microsoft partners at CES 2010.  My first stop is AMD. Also posted on the Windows Team Blog
  • Blog Post: My continued love of the Dell M1330

    My team and I have come to a clear conclusion – the vast majority of really happy Vista users are also M1330 or M1530 users.  Seriously, when I talk to somebody and they say that they are loving their Vista experience they always seem to answer “M1330” when I ask “what machine...
  • Blog Post: Valentines Post: My New Rig - a wicked Dell XPS M1330

    I have the pleasure of now carrying the new Dell XPS M1330.  (Thanks to our friends at Dell Canada) This is my showcase machine.  4GB RAM, 200GB Drive, thin, powerful and red.  I am developing a healthy crush on this machine, just in time for Valentines Day :-) I am moving apps and data...
  • Blog Post: Windows Home Server RC is released! (I love this product)

    Head over to the Windows Home Server blog to see the details of the public release candidate. There is also a great WHS blog from the UK called " We Got Served ". There you will find a cool list of add-ins . The public Home Server site is here . There is also the " Stop Digital Amnesia " site. I have...
  • Blog Post: Go-Go Gadget Contest

    Head on over to the Canadian Developer Connection blog and read all about our new Gadget Contest called Gadget vs. Gadget . Got a cool idea for a Vista powered gadget that leverages some of the Live services? You could win some great prizes for your hard work. Technorati Tags: Windows Live , Gadgets...
  • Blog Post: Messenger Bot - NHL Stats - Just In Time For The Playoffs

    A little know technology call Messenger Bots . These are "contacts" that you add into Windows Live Messenger and you can interact with. There is already one for Encarta (try adding encarta@conversagent.com to your contact list). But now, there is one for the NHL Playoffs! Just add: nhlstats@hotmail.com...
  • Blog Post: The Fight To Save Internet Radio

    Interesting Article Here . On my Sonos , we listen to a lot of Internet Radio. It's great and it would be a shame to see stations like Radio Paradise come to an end.
  • Blog Post: Xbox360 - QWERTY Keyboard Controller - Sweet.

    Read all about it .
  • Blog Post: Sonos - My Latest Addition To The Home Network

    The latest addition to our home network and the media system in particular is the Sonos Digital Music System . ( www.sonos.com ) The system is absolutely amazing. It is a high-end piece of equipment and is somewhat more expensive than other systems like the Slim Devices gear, but you absolutely get what...
  • Blog Post: Fun Times At CUTC 2005

    On Thursday Jan 20th I was invited to speak at the CUTC (Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference) "Techshow 2005" at their annual conference in Toronto. Techshow was done in a "talk-show" style and was just so much fun to be a part of! 500 students and all future developers in the audience! Just...
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