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March, 2008

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Architecture and development for SharePoint 2010; older posts about MOSS 2007 and WSS

I develop custom solutions with SharePoint 2010 for Microsoft customers.  When permitted, I post results of the things that were difficult to figure out, in the hopes they may help someone else.

  • Mark Arend

    New Design and Build Guide for MOSS 2007

    This blog posting applies to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007. This is a topic near and dear to my heart. I've spent many hours helping customers plan and execute a wide range of customizations for MOSS 2007. Now, the ECM Team (Enterprise...
  • Mark Arend

    Test With Correct Privileges

    When developing web parts and other components with code, it's important to remember that operations performed by code may require certain privileges. During development, the code runs in the security context of the developer, who is usually a server...
  • Mark Arend

    Virtual PC and Virtual Server

    Wait.. A posting not about SharePoint? How can this be? Well, it's somewhat related to SharePoint, since so many people use Virtual PC to host a development SharePoint environment. Since SharePoint requires Windows Server 2003, that's the best choice...
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