Hey everybody, my name is Mark Brown and welcome to my inaugural blog post. I am a Senior Product Manager in the Search Business Group here at Microsoft and I am responsible for the Partners and Developers for our Virtual Earth product. I've been on the team now for about 10 weeks, starting back in February and I've been at Microsoft for a little over 8 years now. Over that time I have worked in our MCS division here in Redmond, a group that handled inbound business proposals, and just prior to here I did Architect and Developer Marketing in our US-Developer & Platform Evangelism Team and worked on a number of interesting things including making a video to help developers understand security concepts. I also worked on the Office and Vista launch last year and ran a viral marketing campaign that gave away free copies of both products to developers if they watched 3 webcasts for each product. And I also worked to help define and refine our Software + Services strategy and messaging to help us explain these concepts to our customers and partners. I've had a great time and a lot of fun these past 8 years.

And so now I'm working on what I think is the most fun and exciting thing I've ever done here at Microsoft. The Virtual Earth team! In this new role I am charged with helping to grow our partn

er ecosystem. Microsoft has one of, if not the largest partner ecosystems on the planet in the software industry. Virtual Earth is just getting started so there's a whole bunch of upside here :)

The second thing I'll be doing is to reach out to developers of all stripes around the world to talk to them about Virtual Earth and what they can do when they build applications that include mapping within them. Since Virtual Earth exposes an API based upon open standards with our Java Script Control and SOAP API's there is a great story to tell and I plan on telling it often and showing great examples of applications created using our platform.

Stay tuned...

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