As I've only been working on the Virtual Earth team now for about 12 weeks or so, I am constantly surprised about how our customers use Virtual Earth in ways I never could have dreamed of. Here's another great example of this. A company called, Sungevity is using the aerial imagery of Virtual Earth to calculate the savings you would get by installing solar panels on your house. They employ a trigonometry heavy calculation that leverages our imagery and of course, your location to figure it all out.

I first heard of this when I bumped into a friend, Scott Stanfield from Vertigo whom I bumped into at NAB last week who resides here in the Bay Area where I am now for Web 2.0, but I got the deep scoop from Steve Lombardi's blog who saw this out on Webware. According to their article: The company's secret sauce is a trigonometry-heavy application that can take satellite imagery and create a 3D model of a house. From the model, Sungevity calculates the pitch of the roof, the azimuth (for instance, where the house faces in relation to compass points) and the available area. AWESOME.

Check it out. I plugged in my old house in Laguna Beach to see what I could have been saving. Unfortunately they don't service Laguna Beach yet, but since I live in Seattle now anyway I'm not too bummed.

House in LB

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