Web 2.0 is really a great conference. I have never been at this event before but I'm glad I'm here now. Been seeing lots of folks I recognize. Robert Scoble is out and about doing interviews and otherwise looking like he's having a great time. We had a big splash today with the formal unveiling of Mesh. At first I didn't realize what Mesh was. I thought it was simply a new spin on Folder Share but it is so much more.

There's coverage about Mesh all over the place so get out there. The best post I've so far is Angus Logan's with tons of links to our blogs, videos and press coverage and go check out your favorite trade rag for their take. Looking pretty positive so far. I know I'm loving it.

Anyway, I spent much of today hanging our at our Microsoft booth where we had a ton of demo stations set up showing Search, Silverlight, Pop Fly, Windows Live and Virtual Earth. If you're at the show please feel free to stop by.