So I've been slacking lately in blogging. I haven't blogged since last week when I was down in SF for Web 2.0. That was a great show and I met tons of cool people. Went to the Yahoo Brickhouse down town for a party but when I showed up they ran out of beer. No biggie, I enjoyed the atmosphere anyway. I also checked out the Ignite SF at the DNA Lounge as well. That was cool. Basically you get up and talk about whatever for 5 minutes with slides. Some were really well done. A small number were a wee-bit off the reservation. But overall it was cool and I may do that next year.

I had to leave the conference before it left was over because I was Emceeing a fund raiser that my wife and I organized back here in Seattle to benefit an orphanage that we and a number of others have started in a small town outside of Cusco, Peru called, Oropesa. Regrettably we don't have high-resolution imagery of that area but if you're familiar with the region you'll know where it is. Anyway, we raised over $6000 after all the expenses and actually the donations keep coming in so we're pretty excited about getting back down there and helping these kids this Summer. We're looking to build a green house, a grain storage house and get them new clothes, school supplies, etc. Lots of stuff they need.

Anyway, that's what I've been doing these last few days in addition to getting caught up on email and regular stuff after having been on the road these past two weeks. I got some posts to make here from some cool stuff I've seen the last few days so I'll get those up here soon.