It's that time of year again when Microsoft goes looking for MVP's (Most Valuable Professional). I'm actually working on growing the number of Virtual Earth MVP's this year. Right now there are just a handful of them world wide including these guys: ,, and others as well.

Generally candidates who stand to get an MVP award generally have to be pretty active in the community. Things like,, hanging on the MSDN Forums, creating a website with cool examples like this guy Mike Garza did that my friend Larry Clarkin turned me on to today. It's those types of things that we look for rather than being just a rock star developer. It's a little bit of a different gig, but it's not difficult and I think its a ton of fun. Generally I find this type of developer is someone who is constantly learning, likes to share with others and overall is just passionate about technology.

Anyway, if you are really into Virtual Earth and would like to give it a try feel free to reach out to one of our MSDN Events team members if you know one of them and you're in the US. If you live elsewhere in the world and know someone on our DPE team or a technical person at Microsoft feel free to reach out to them. If neither of those options work you can email me using the email link to the right here and I'll try to hook you up with a local MS person who can nominate you into the program, somebody has to sponsor you that is familiar with you. And if you're not quite there yet with the community stuff no worries. We do this every year so you can get yourself out there and then come on back and show us your stuff.