Well not really, at least not as an OOBE, but when you get smart people figuring out cool ways of using Virtual Earth it CAN!

Saw an article by Doug Newcomb on Wired.com today about a site called, njection.com created by Shannon Atkinson who created an application called Speed Trap that uses Virtual Earth, even integrates traffic data too. Users join the site and can upload information about where they got tickets. Users can take the data from the site and upload it into their GPS devices too so they know when they're coming up on a speed trap.

So I went and checked it out looking for areas around Microsoft's campus and what do you know? We have speed traps! Actually there's ton of them around here and red light traps too. See people at Microsoft need to get places quickly and no speed limit sign or red light thingy is going to stop us from getting to our meetings on time. Check it out below.


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