Just got into my hotel room at Where 2.0 here in Burlingame, CA at the SFO Airport Marriott. Got a nice view of the bay and the SFO runway right on the bay. I requested a bay side room not just because it's nicer to look out over water than a warehouse and a freeway but because I'm a huge aviation nut and like nothing more than sitting and watching planes take off and land. I'm actually pretty good at identifying nearly all of the commercial aircraft made and in use today including all Boeing aircraft. Although I get confused on a few of the 737's because there are so many of them, but it is possible to tell depending upon their size as well as whether they have winglets on them. I'm also good at identifying most of the Bombardier and Airbus aircraft as well.

Anyhoo, I'll be hanging out at our booth pretty much the entire time so feel free to stop by if you're here. I've also got my video camera with me too and plan on doing a video interview Steve Lombardi and Chris Pendleton who are speaking at this conference to kick off a video series I'm getting started with on all things Virtual Earth. I'm thinking of calling it, "Behind the Maps". If you have an idea for what I should call this series let me know. We also have Vincent Tao here as well who is doing a keynote. I got a sneak peek at his deck. Should be a great session.

Speaking of Chris he had some great posts this week. Like Integrating Virtual Earth and Excel 2007 and also one on our Auto Upgrade for v6 to v6.1 and Retiring of v3-5. If you're using an old version of VE now is a great time to upgrade.