I recently bought this JVC HD camera to make videos on Virtual Earth. I was hoping to do an interview with Chris Pendleton and Steve Lombardi at our booth but instead recorded their Birds of a Feather sessions at Where 2.0. I'm kind of bummed because they didn't come out as nice as I wanted to. This camera stinks in low light and had some issues staying focused when getting blasted from the brightness from the projector. There's also this chirping thing that I think came from the AC that I didn't notice until editing. But overall the content is great and I'm learning how to deal with this camera in different conditions so these videos will continue to get better.

Chris' session was a deep dive on the Virtual Earth Platform and goes into some details about our UltraCam digital aerial camera that we use to capture imagery. He also talks about how we create 3D models and some cool demos as well on Virtual Earth. Finally he does the Silverlight VE control demo that he showed at MIX 08.

Steve's session went deep on the Collections stuff that he works on in the Virtual Earth team. He also showed some of his favorite Map Cruncher Collection demos as well as others. There's also a little surprise at the end of this video that if you were around three years ago when Virtual Earth was created you might have seen.

Again my apologies for the quality of the videos. I'm somewhat challenged as a video guy but I'm getting there.


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