I wrote a couple weeks ago about how Microsoft was working to help the people in Myanmar with corporate help, people, everything we can to help the people there. Well Virtual Earth is helping out with one of our Partners, IDV Solutions who build a wonderful site for the Humanitarian Information Centre (HIC) which is a part of the United Nations. From the HIC's website:

The mission of the HIC is to support the humanitarian community in the systematic and standardized collection, processing and dissemination of information with the aim of improving coordination, situational understanding and decision making. In undertaking this mission, the HIC will complement the information management capabilities of the national authorities, as well as in-country development and humanitarian actors, in order to optimize the response and meet the needs of the affected population. The HIC will only be deployed in new complex emergencies or disasters where IM demands exceed the capacity of the Member State(s) and the IASC. In fulfilling its mission, the HIC will be guided by the principles of humanitarian information management and exchange in emergencies: accessibility, inclusiveness, inter-operability, accountability, verifiability, relevance objectivity, humanity, timeliness and sustainability.

That sounds like the perfect organization to be helping out with the local authorities and other relief agencies down there. Given the severe damage to their infrastructure, information management is going to be a big part of saving lives. Checkout this website. Here's a screen shot of the work our partner did for the HIC.