I'm having a great time at Tech Ed this year. There are TONS of developers here and they are really enjoying themselves. I had my session yesterday on Virtual Earth. The room was packed, standing room only with probably close to 200 people in there. Among some of the things I announced yesterday includes:

  • A CTP release of our Virtual Earth ASP.NET control in July. Stay tuned here for an announcement on downloading.
  • A Virtual Earth Web Services Framework in our next release this fall. Currently you have two options for Virtual Earth. An AJAX control and our Map Point Web Services. We're getting ready to release a completely new SOAP-based web service that includes the best features from both offerings. This will also give developers more choice if they are currently creating map applications using Flash.
  • A Staging environment for our customers. Customers today create their applications using our production environment. This is a bit of a pain because this is metered against their production usage of Virtual Earth. Coming soon customers can develop and test their applications using our staging environment and also develop applications with our advanced new features there first.

So stay tuned here. I'm working on putting up some of the demos I showed at Tech Ed including an ASP.NET website that demonstrates Walking/Driving Directions, Reverse Geocoding and some other cool uses for Virtual Earth built in Visual Studio using the Virtual Earth JavaScript Intellisense Helper that was released on Code Plex by the Virtual Earth community a couple of months ago.

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