This sometimes rankles a few people when I say this, but I have a lot of respect for Robert Scoble. I was a huge fan of the work he did here at Microsoft when he worked for Jeff Sandquist over on Channel 9 and the both of them led something of a revolution at this company as they applied some much needed common sense to how Microsoft has dialogs with our customers and the community overall. I consider his book, Naked Conversations as required reading for anyone who works in an evangelism role here at Microsoft. For my part I very much try to emulate his approach to talking to our customers and the developers who create applications with Microsoft’s Platform and Services.

Anyhoo, Robert stopped by our area last week and interviewed our General Manager, Brad Goldberg about all the happenings of Search here at Microsoft. He even gives a shout out to Virtual Earth on our mobile search. I’m watching it now and it’s a telling and transparent view into what we’re thinking and doing.