I get this question all the time from people I bump into or otherwise talk to during the course of my day. Every time I get this question I usually respond with,

Yes, we’ll have updated imagery in your area by, Ladies and Gentlemen, THIS IS A WOOKIE.


The Wookie Chewbacca defense generally works very well. Most either look confused and walk away muttering something or they laugh and then quickly say, “Wait a minute. HUH?”

Seriously though it’s extremely difficult to predict exactly when we’ll have an updated image of your house. We do refresh some imagery like our Birds Eye or oblique imagery roughly every couple of years and our orthogonal imagery gets updated on a slightly more varied schedule but it really depends on a number of factors including: population density, rate of change for a particular area, geo-political issues can also play a part, and finally, good luck with the weather cooperating.

So with all those considerations its impossible to give an accurate answer and what I’m left with is the Wookie Chewbacca Defense. But rest assured we are trying are best to be more predictable in this area.

Edit: Sorry for calling this the Wookie defense originally. I have been severely corrected by the community.