My friend Jerry over on the Virtual Earth 3D team turned me on to a company called, Terra Imaging who makes a product called, 3D Golf Course. They just finished doing the Torrey Pines course in La Jolla, CA where Tiger just won his 14th major championship. Here’s an interview they did on the local NBC affiliate. Their software is installed and used on golf carts to help golfers navigate the course. Here’s some screen shots. This thing is really cool.

This is the main screen you see while driving down the fairway trying to find your ball.

This is a player information screen to see your player information. Notice too that while you’re entering in your name you can watch the stock market.

Here on this screen you can see the player scorecard.

I love this screen where you can order food from your cart. Think I’ll order the Bunker Burger with a side of Flop Shot Fries and a Mulligan Milkshake. Mmmmmm….


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