My friend Sam Chenaur over in the Developer and Platform Evangelism Team (DPE) here at Microsoft posted a blog entry the other day about an interview he did on Channel 10 with the CEO of John L. Scott Realty. If you didn’t know. John L. Scott is an existing user of Virtual Earth and did an amazing job integrating Virtual Earth onto their site. Check out the Neighborhood Wizard using Virtual Earth. It’s not surprising that John L Scott is doing so well given the way they use technology.

With the help of a few folks they’ve now taken that a step further and have created a proof-of-concept application that brings Virtual Earth down to the mobile device using Silverlight technology. This POC allows you to search for homes straight from your phone providing you details on the house, a video that showcases the house, more pictures and even allows you to call the real estate agent directly from the application. You can also use the application in GPS mode so you can drive around various communities and use the application to see what homes are for sale in that area without having to touch the device at all. Totally cool!

Silverlight Mobile with John L Scott Real Estate