A couple of guys from Microsoft, Jared Bienz from US-DPE ISV Team and Adam Eversole from Microsoft Research have created a new managed wrapper around the Virtual Earth AJAX control and released it onto Code Plex. From the projects description:

The Virtual Earth Wrapper for Silverlight (VIEWS) is a wrapper around the JavaScript Virtual Earth control that allows a developer to write a complex Virtual Earth Mashup using a managed language for all client-side scripting. This is accomplished by using the CLR (Common Language Runtime) support in Silverlight 2.0 (or later), and allows coding in C#, VB, Python, or other languages. Many developers already are using a managed language in ASP.NET for server-side tasks, now the same managed language can be used on the client-side as well, leveraging existing knowledge, and providing more continuity and consistency to the end-to-end solution.

They’ve also posted a screen cast showing this new control in action out on Channel 9. Check it out.

Virtual Earth Mapping in Silverlight with VIEWS