It’s kind of funny but things happen in waves don’t they? For instance the subject of Google’s 411 service has been cropping up on me constantly for the last week. People tell me, “Oooo, Google, they are so smart over there with their 411 thing” or “Ahhh, wow that is cool. Those Google guys are real innovators over there. Its too bad Microsoft can’t do this”.



I’m dead serious, people talk to me that way. Actually, we do have 411 as well. In fact, I would dare say that ours might be better than Google’s. <ducks> No really. Here’s a list of features.

  • Search by business name or type of business. You can even narrow your search by neighborhood.
  • Get maps and directions sent directly to your phone. You can also get traffic too.
  • Get the current and forecasted weather.
  • Get movie listings and even have the service tell you if there are still tickets, then connect you.
  • Share listings with friends so you both have directions on where you are meeting up.

Pretty cool stuff. So check it out. +1-800-CALL-411. You can also check out their web page to hear a demo at


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