One of my friends at Microsoft, Glen Gordon in our US Developer and Platform Evangelism Team (DPE) turned me on to something really cool they just did. If you didn’t know these guys are constant road warriors presenting at events across the US. They just created a new website called, Community Megaphone that has a complete listing of all upcoming Developer Events across the US. It’s got some nice features such as allowing you to add events to your Outlook Calendar, but the BEST FEATURE is the ability to get a map of the location using Virtual Earth.

imageAnd if that wasn’t enough they went a step further. They also went and built and RSS Feed that includes GeoRSS. This allows anybody to import the feed into Live Maps Collection. He didn’t stop there though. This gets even cooler because with the data in GeoRSS and if you have one of these new Windows Mobile phones that has a GPS built into it you can now use your phone to see if there are any Developer Events close to you. Here’s a little screen shot of what it looks like on the phone but check out his post for all the details on how you can do this too.