Marc Schweigert

It’s been a good week for awesome content again here in Virtual Earth land. Marc Schweigert I swear is some kind of Transformer Robot because he cranks out killer demos and samples like a machine is at it again. Here’s a picture of Marc there on the left.

This time he’s got two screen casts for us. The first one shows how to save a polygon drawn in Virtual Earth to SQL Spatial. The second one shows how to render polygons SQL Spatial into Virtual Earth.

Btw, if you’re curious you should go check out his other posts on Virtual Earth. There’s a bunch of great stuff to dig into if you’re looking for some great samples to get you ramped on building applications with Virtual Earth.

One other thing that I have to point out too is a GeoRSS library that Marc used which was originally written by Eugenio Pace who is an Architect here at Microsoft in DPE. They created it as part of the reference application they work they do. In this case, for the Litware HR reference application showing multitenancy on the Microsoft platform. This is out on Code Plex, go check that out too.

Enjoy. I know I’m going to have some fun this weekend playing with this as well as digging into some old toys and playing Transformers too.