I’m up in Vancouver, BC this week for the GITA GeoWeb conference. I will be presenting with Ed Katibah on all things Virtual Earth and SQL Spatial.

A Complete Guide to Geo-Spatial Technology at Microsoft\(SOLD OUT)
Ed Katibah, Principal Program Manager - SQL Server Spatial, Mark Brown, Senior Product Manager - Virtual Earth,

Microsoft has made significant R&D investments over the past few years in an effort to build the best geospatial platform in the world and there is some incredible technology behind it all. Join us as we’ll go deep on the three main areas of R&D Microsoft has done. In this session we’ll explore the upcoming release of SQL Server Spatial and go into detail on how being the last to market allowed us to create an architecture that represents technology-forward thinking in Spatial database design and the benefits it brings the next generation of Spatial application design. Next we will discuss the investments Microsoft’s has made in aerial camera technology as well as the R&D in our 2D and 3D image and data processing that provides the underlying rich platform within Virtual Earth. And finally we will show you the fruits of our labor and show you the applications that can now be built using the entire Virtual Earth Platform with SQL Spatial together.

Should be fun. I think we are the only workshop session that is SOLD OUT so no pressure. And I should be getting some sleep as my session is at 9am tomorrow and it’s after 11pm here now.

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