One of our Microsoft partners Inca X is working with the Pelican Racing Team to track it at the Cowes Week Regatta, August 2-9. Cowes is the longest running Regatta in the world, didn’t ya know. The fun gets started this Saturday, 10:00 GMT. That’s 8am for us here in Seattle.

The solution that the Pelican Team is using for this race is the Inca X Live Media GPS. This takes a mobile phone and does live video streaming as well as supplies the GPS coordinates which are then displayed in Microsoft Virtual Earth. Phil Bishop, the CTO for Inca X puts it best…

"Our Live Media GPS application allows anyone to broadcast their current activities directly from a mobile phone. The broadcasts are directly linked to Virtual Earth so that your precise location and movements can be mapped. You can share all this information with your chosen audience, be it public or private.”

If you want to watch the races this week and get both the broadcast media from the boat as well as the Virtual Earth view of where they are on the map check them out here, The action gets started at 10:00 GMT so us Yanks had better not go have too many beers tonight at the pub.


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