We’ve recently opened a reseller channel to offer our high-resolution UltraCam imagery for offline applications.

Why is VE licensing imagery for offline use?

Our hi-resolution UltraCam ortho imagery is prized for GIS, urban planning, engineering and other applications that are often performed in offline desktop environments, yet our existing VE offerings prohibit any offline use of our data. By offering our data in an offline mode, we complement our online VE web service offerings and increase Microsoft and VE brand awareness worldwide.

How is this Being Done?

Our resellers, MapMart.com and i-cubed LLC will host the data and provide sales, marketing and fulfillment services, and both are just now bringing the VE data portal sites fully online. Both are top-notch companies with proven leadership in the geodata markets, and we’re excited to have them lead our channel sales.

What’s Available and Who Needs it?

Currently we have over 200 cities of color airborne imagery collected at 6” nominal resolution, averaging less than two years old. The 6” spatial resolution rivals any large-scale commercial source today, and our newest processing techniques produce ortho mosaics with almost no building lean in the image- invaluable for unobstructed views into areas with tall buildings, etc.  As Microsoft acquires and processes imagery for more cities around the world, the archive is expected to grow substantially. This imagery is invaluable for urban planners, GIS analysts, and the prosumer geospatial market. We expect municipalities, engineering firms, emergency response agencies, and utilities to be core customers.

PS: I checked and we are holding off on onboarding any new resellers for the next 6 months so for all of you who want to be resellers just hang tight.