Hey everybody. Sorry for being so quiet lately. Most of you may know that we’re getting ready to release our next version of Virtual Earth. There’s a ton of AWESOME features we got into this release and to help you all get a good start playing with them on October 3, 2008  I will be delivering a 90 minute webcast where I’ll dig into each of these features and show you some source code for how to use them.

Now this webcast is going to be delivered using our Live Meeting Service which is a little bit different for many of us who have attended Microsoft webcasts in the past. But I wanted to give this a try. For many of you this means that you’ll have to install our Live Meeting client to view the webcast. I have some instructions below on getting yourselves setup and running so when you click on the meeting link below you won’t miss a single second of this webcast :) Seriously, I would strongly encourage you to click on the test link below to make sure you are all set.


Virtual Earth 6.2 Technical Webcast

  • Event Date: Friday, October 3, 2008
  • Event Time: 10:00 AM PT
  • Duration: 90 minutes

Join Mark Brown, Senior Product Manager for Virtual Earth to get a deep dive review of the next version of Virtual Earth 6.2 with demos throughout to show you how to leverage these in your applications. In addition we are releasing Virtual Earth Web Services v1.0. This SOAP-based web service was designed for developers looking to build and deploy mapping applications in a server-side environment and provides support for building desktop and mobile applications. Mark will also go through a number of the features in this v1 release with some demos and sample code as well.

Test your System (do this today)

Join the Event (10/3/08, 10am Pacific)

Telephone Dial in (if you don’t have computer mic/speakers)

  • US/Canada: (877) 220-6697
  • International: (503) 295-8000
  • PIN: 8074

If you have any problems getting your system set up or have other related issues with connecting the day of the event this information below will help.

That’s it! I’m excited about our next release and I hope to see you all there.

EDIT: Hey, I almost forgot. Chris Pendleton is also giving a webcast on the upcoming release just one day before mine. I would definitely check it out to get a good overview of what’s coming. Plus nobody delivers a smoother webcast than Chris so you gotta check it out. Read his blog post here for details, http://blogs.msdn.com/virtualearth/archive/2008/09/11/virtual-earth-webcast-for-upcoming-release.aspx




More technical details for troubleshooting Live Meeting

Requirements for Attending this Event

We strongly suggest you test your computer’s configuration: https://events.livemeeting.com/LM2007test.htm to ensure you are running the most current version of Microsoft Office Live Meeting.

  • When you enter the test event, you will be prompted to install and run the Office Live Meeting Client software if you have not downloaded it already. If you cancel the software installation, you will be given a link to attend the event using the Microsoft Web Access, a browser-based client.
  • Once entered, you should see the Office Live Meeting client with a slide that indicates your test is successful.
  • If you are not able to see the slides, please contact Event Support (see the section “Contact Office Live Meeting Event Support” below).
Login Details for Live Event Session

Day of Event:

15 minutes before the event begins.

Join the Event

or click the meeting URL:

or if you can’t click the above meeting URL, click the following link:

When you click on either URL, the Join Meeting page appears. In the following fields, verify or enter this information:

  • Name: (Enter your first and last name)
  • Meeting ID: msft100308mb
  • Entry Code: ATT12766

1. If prompted, install and run the Office Live Meeting software (recommended) or launch the Microsoft Web Access client (for Attendees unable to install the software, as well as anyone joining using a Macintosh). It will take a few moments for the Office Live Meeting client to launch.

2. On the next page, please enter your e-mail and company name in their respective fields, if necessary, and click Continue.

Listen to the audio portion of the event

Once you log in to the Office Live Meeting client, you should hear the event’s streaming audio. If you do not hear the audio, please confirm that your PC speakers are on and that the volume is turned up. If you continue to experience difficulties, please contact Event Support (see “Contact Office Live Meeting Event Support” below).

Note: If you are using the Microsoft Web Access client, you will not hear the audio over your computer speakers. Please see “Back-up telephone audio” below or contact your meeting organizer to view the replay of the event.

Back-up telephone audio

If you are unable to connect to the audio through the Computer Audio, you can dial in to the audio over a traditional telephony line:

  • US/Canada: (877) 220-6697
  • International: (503) 295-8000
  • PIN: 8074

Contact Office Live Meeting Event Support

For technical assistance, contact Event Support at:

  • US/Canada toll free: (1) (800) 893-8779
  • International: (1) (971) 544-3222
  • Online: http://www.livemeeting.com/ask (Please reference: “Virtual Earth 6.2 Launch - Technical Webcast” in the Subject line of the e-mail.)

Additional Information

Note: Your event experience when using the Microsoft Web Access client will be very similar to using the Windows-based Office Live Meeting Client software, but the functionality and layout of the Microsoft Web Access client is slightly different. If using the Microsoft Web Access client, you will be unable to listen to streaming audio or watch the active presenter video during the Live Meeting presentation. Contact your meeting organizer to view a replay of the event.

Thank you and enjoy the Event!

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