Hey everyone. I just published our third episode in our video series, Behind the Maps.

In this episode I follow the imagery to Boulder, CO where I meet David Simons from our Vexcel Division and Tom Barclay who is from Microsoft Research. They walk us through the processing framework which manages all of the software that processes the raw data and imagery and produces the high resolution aerial imagery and 3D models for Virtual Earth. The framework they created handles the massive computing power that is needed to make Virtual Earth and it does it while managing the storage, CPU's and bandwidth required for each job in the system. It's also completely extensible. We get into some details about how the framework was designed and how it manages all of the jobs that we run to process data, some of which can take a long time to complete. We'll get into some discussions about the work they did around parallel processing and many other cool details.

Some of you may recognize Tom from his notable work at Microsoft. If you don't you'll definitely recognize one of his creations that was a precursor to Virtual Earth today. Watch the video to find out what it is.

In our next episode I meet with one the engineers who created the software the does all our orthogonal image processing. This is just one of the pieces that actually runs on the framework and he'll have some cool things to show and as always its a fascinating talk to learn more about Virtual Earth. Stay tuned for that one.

UPDATE: Some issues embedding the video on my blog. Here's the link for now. Will update this as soon as I get this fixed.
Behind The Maps - Processing Framework

UPDATE 2: We're having some video issues that are causing some problems on our end so I took it down for now. As soon as we get it fixed we'll get it back up there. I'm out on the road now and don't have my video software with me so can't say exactly when. Will get it back up as soon as I can. Sorry about that.