Hey everybody. Sorry for not posting much lately. I've been on the road nearly non-stop for the past three weeks. And again, here I am on the road, but at least this time it is for the PDC.

I've got a bunch in store for any of you coming to PDC this year.

  • First up we have a booth in the Pavilion area. We are right at the entrance to the Big Hall and you can't miss us. Just look for the 42" Flat Screen with all that great imagery from Virtual Earth on it.
  • We also have two HOL's this year. One is on the updated Virtual Earth Map Control 6.2 and the other walks you through our brand new Virtual Earth Web Services. Secret tip. If you get all the way to the end of the HOL there is a secret password that if you say to one of the guys working our booth at the Pavilion, will give you a very special, limited edition, Virtual Earth t-shirt.
  • There are also a bunch of Senior Engineers from the Virtual Earth product team here and they will be hanging out at the booth as well as the Lounge areas. Be sure to come see us at the Ask The Experts event in Hall G on Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Finally I am delivering a session. BB10: Deep Dive on Virtual Earth. I'll walk through our updated map control, the new Web Services. I am also going to do a line of business demo showing Virtual Earth and SQL Spatial and finally, we are doing a Panel Q&A with the same product team engineers who are here at this conference. And if that isn't enough everyone who stays until the end of the session will also receive a Virtual Earth t-shirt.

So come check us out.