image I am really excited to be presenting at Drupal Camp LA this weekend. Actually it’s in Irvine which is down in Orange County but who cares. I’m getting a chance to go back to a place I called home for a long time before moving up to Seattle to work for Microsoft and is still a very special place to me where I have lots of friends and family that live there.

At this event I will be presenting a session on the IIS SEO Toolkit which is a FREE tool integrated with IIS7 and part of the Microsoft Web Platform which is a complete collection of Microsoft’s FREE web stack, and ships in our Web Platform Installer. I will also be helping our at our Install Fest to let the attendees at this event check out our web stack and see how easy it is to run Drupal on the Microsoft Web Platform.


I’m a food nut (and sometimes a food snob too) and since I haven’t back in So Cal for some time when I’m not busy at this conference I’ll be scrambling to enjoy all of the food I used to love when I lived there. Oh where do I start.

Well first there are those awesome chicken burritos at Alejandro’s in Costa Mesa. Their carne asada burrito is incredible too. They make what feels like a 2 lb burrito that is nothing but meat. It is awesome and spicy and they don’t speak a word of English and neither do any of their customers which is a good thing. If I walk into any Mexican restaurant and I see what looks like someone from this nation’s mid-west ordering a Chimich-A-A-A-A-nga or N-A-A-A-A-chos, I turn around and RUN. Yes, I may be a snob but growing up in Arizona and California and spending ALOT of time in Mexico growing up has made me a snob when it comes to Mexican food. Seriously, some of the best Mexican food I’ve had in Seattle has been from a Taco Truck parked at a gas station. It was cheap too. Some of the worst was the most expensive. Sad.

image Next is Wahoo’s Fish Tacos. I absolutely love this place and wish I could open one of these up in Seattle. Lots of restaurants up in Seattle serve fish tacos but their idea of a fish taco is a piece of cod rolled in flour and dropped in a deep fat fryer. Losers. Wahoo’s makes THE BEST fish tacos. They are made from either Wahoo or Mahi-Mahi and are charbroiled or blackened, served in a double wrapped tortilla with a tiny bit of cabbage and cheese and salsa. THAT’S IT. No stupid smoked chipotle mango sauce, no other garbage to take away from the yumminess of the fish. btw, they have INCREDIBLE rice. I know that sounds stupid but it is great. I don’t know what they put in it. And their black beans are also AWESOME. Can you tell that I love this place? Oh yeah, almost forgot. It’s is HEALTHY. Try calling that fried piece of crap they call a fish taco in Seattle healthy.

image So not everything I go eat is healthy. Certainly the chicken burrito I’m going for at Alejandro’s isn’t. This next one is pure heart attack but if I’m in So Cal I have to make a stop by In-N-Out Burger, just down the street from Alejandro’s in Costa Mesa. Now I’ve tried the 4x4 Animal Style a number of times and while it is pretty yummy I find it is too hard to eat and ends up on my lap or the floor. So I tone it down to just a double-double, fries, oh and of course a vanilla shake.

I know what you’re thinking. This guy calls himself a food snob but he’s eating total CRAP. Well even Anthony Bourdain partakes in fatty greasy food once in a while and since we don’t have In-N-Out up in Seattle, I’M GOING.



This next one is and has been been my one of my favorite restaurants if not THE FAVORITE for probably close to 15 years. Two good friends turned me on to this place back in 1995 and after eating there once I probably had at least one meal in this place every week for 5 years before moving to Seattle in 2000. For approximately a two year period I ate there 2-3 times a week and sometimes I ate lunch AND dinner there and would eat there up to 5-10 times in a week.

It is a sushi joint in Laguna Beach called San-Shi-Go. These guys are incredible, friendly and even though the place can get pretty packed they are great at turning tables and getting you in. They are without doubt the MASTER’s of the Cajun Seared Tuna. I fell in love with this dish so much that when I moved up to Seattle I tried for three years to get local chef’s to make it. They simply can’t or they get mad at you and insist it I am insulting the fish by even suggesting it. Also great is their spicy scallop rolls and the best thing of all is to just let them go all Chef’s Choice on you. They are artists as well as chefs and they create stuff that is simply beautiful as well as delicious.

Oh there are so many more. There’s no way I could list them all. FOOD, FOOD, FOOD. It’s a powerful mechanism for bringing back memories. I had great memories living in So Cal and there was great food all along the way. I can’t wait to get back and sink my teeth into it.