Vote for my PanelPicker Idea!

Hey everybody. I am up for Community Voting for the next SXSW Interactive Festival happening next March and I need your votes to get accepted. Here is the session I am presenting.

HD Video Streaming Server using PHP and Silverlight

A dash of PHP, a pinch of Silverlight and a smidge of IIS and you can easily make an HD video streaming server. Check out this session as we'll build a fully functional HD video streaming server and then give you the code so you can use it yourself. As a bonus we may even show on the fly encoding so you can make your very own HD version of YouTube with user generated content.

This promises to be an AWESOME session and I really want to show people how far the technology has come to not only stream video content over the internet easily but also to deliver HD quality video over the internet as well.

To get accepted for the SXSW event I need to get votes from the community that think this is a cool session and want to see it. So click on the session title above or the “Thumbs Up” graphic there up top, go register yourself if you haven’t (even if you’re not attending) and then click on this link above here to vote up my session.

Thanks !!!

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