Today has been a busy day as I woke up this morning and over my coffee while reading Twitter I came across a Tweet from Dries that Microsoft had run an advertisement that said, “Forget Drupal…” This caused a bit of a dust up among the Drupal Community today and I want to say a few things about it.

First, I want to offer my sincerest apology for this. I have contacted Google and we are working on having this ad pulled as soon as possible. In addition we are working internally to ensure this doesn’t happen again.

Second, I want the Drupal Community to know that Microsoft and the Drupal Community have been working together for some time now to make Drupal better on Windows. Making it easier to run Drupal on Windows is very important to us and Drupal was among the very first communities we reached out to when we launched our Web Application Gallery this year which now provides an easy means for downloading, installing and configuring Drupal on Windows.

Finally, we are indeed working to promote Drupal on Windows here at Microsoft and are running advertising in countries around the world to promote Drupal. If you are curious, I threw up a few copies of the adverts I created that we are running here in the US.

Again my sincere apologies for what happened over this other ad. We very much value our partnership with the Drupal Community and I hope you can forgive us.


UPDATE: Hi folks. I wanted to update the story to mention that I have confirmed the ad has been pulled from circulation.

Also a correction. While the original report of this came from a blogger in India, the ad actually originated from an advertising team in another country. Apologies to my Microsoft colleagues in India.


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