Hi everyone.

As most of you know my wife and I support an orphanage outside of Cusco, Peru from where we adopted our son. Flooding in Oropesa


Peru is currently in a state of crisis due to two weeks of heavy rains that have resulted in the Peruvian government declaring a state of emergency for the Cusco Region. Well known archeological sites such as Machu Picchu have been cut off stranding 3000 tourists who have to be evacuated by helicopter because of no other means of escape. All of the rivers in the region are many feet above flood stage. Towns in the region are cut off from Cusco and cut off from each other. If you want to see the extent of the devastation take a look here.


Our orphanage, Azul Wasi in the town of Oropesa, just east of Cusco, sits in a river valley and flood waters have forced the evacuation of all of the children and were forced to leave all of their farm and domestic animals behind. We are currently working to find shelter for our boys in Cusco and are also organizing the rescue of the animals.Flooding by Azul Wasi in Oropesa


We need your help. Below are links where you can donate money to help us feed and shelter our boys. If you are able to donate to our efforts we would be very grateful.  We are still waiting on our 501C3 tax ID, but we have the support of a fiscal sponsor so you will receive a tax receipt for your donation this year. 


If you are unable to donate please consider Tweeting or forwarding this to others that may be able to contribute and to help raise awareness.


To donate you can start at our foundation’s website www.connectingborders.org which will redirect you to our Azul Wasi website

Or just go there directly to use PayPal to donate on the Azul Wasi website at http://www.azulwasi.org/AzulWasi/Donations.htmlThe boys being evacuated

You can also donate via our fiscal sponsor http://www.crookedtrails.com/donate.php



Thank you!