Off the back of Gianpaolo Carraro's tour of New Zealand NZ ARCast has just released this interview of Gianpaolo Carraro by Lukas Svobda taken when Gianpaolo was here on his last day in Auckland. One of the gems in the interview is Gianpaolo's pronouncement that "Services is an overloaded term" - he then links this to the fact that Eskimo's have 21 words for SNOW and right now we are somewhat stuck in our vocabulary and labelling a lot of different patterns and approaches with the one label of SERVICES.

I would like to take that snow analogy a little further - right now there is a lot of talk about 'Services this' and 'Services that' but much of that talk is as about as useful and structured as a heap of snow. (Yes I know snow flakes are beautiful and unique but heap them up and they are still unstructured )

If we disregard the IT environments that businesses have already invested in and now rely on, if we ignore the fact that many devices and desktops already offer capabilities far beyond those of a simple broweser, if we ignore the fact that businesses and government have very real concerns about others hosting their data then we are talking SNOW.

The Software plus Services (S+S) model helps address those issues and there is already some very clear thinking about how it can be created, hosted and consumed. Do check out the interview with Gianpaolo Carraro and other references including the Microsoft Architect Journal to which Gianpaolo Carraro and others have contributed to significantly.

No SNOW - honest.