Title: Just like being there – Combining video with geo-spatial data by Matti Seikkula


Combining the visualisation of being there with the knowledge of where you are and with relevant information about that particular location is a powerful concept. Its potential uses include;

-           Management of transport infrastructure assets such as highways and railways;

-           Providing a preview for tourist and field experiences for tourism operators and emergency services;

-           Providing training experiences based on real world locales;


In this presentation Matti Seikkula of Microsoft partner e-Spatial will outline some of the ‘being there’ experiences they are developing combining Virtual Earth, Silverlight, SQL Server 2008 and other technologies to provide a cost-effective and thin n-tier browser-based viewer that combines video, geo-spatial information and context relevant data. He will be discussing their experiences with managing customer requirements, working with the newer technologies they are leveraging and how to deal with some of the tricky architecture issues surrounding geo-spatial data representation and its synchronisation with video and back-end information stores.


About Matti Seikkula:


Matti has more than 18 years experience in systems design, software development, architecture and data modelling and over 12 years experience in spatial integration. Specializing on geo-spatial, e-Spatial have to be industry and technology independent, which means that Matti needs to maintain a constant process of research and development. This ensures that e-Spatial is always aware of the implication of new technologies, development environments and standards. Matti is also a recognized expert on New Zealand and international geospatial standards.


Matti holds a Masters degree of Computer Sciences from Joensuu University, Finland, 1990.


Venue Details:


When are the Events:  Wellington is Fri 26 September 2008 (1pm and 3pm), Christchurch is Monday 29 September (1pm), Auckland is Thursday 2nd October (12 noon);

If you are working as an architect or are looking at moving into an architects role as part of your career planning and would like an invitation then send an email to nzac@microsoft.com with the wording 'Invite please for " AKL or WLG or CHC in the subject line.