One month after after our NZ Team system users group talk on Visual Studio Team system power Tools, over on Brian Harry's blog there is a new post previewing the next TFS Power tools release.

Here are seven good reasons to talk with your Team system's admin about looking out for this power tool release;

1. The Team Members node in Team Explorer allows you to identify the people who are participants in a project and organize them into sub teams if necessary.
2. Things you can do with People - When you right click on a user, you start to see the kinds of things you can now do with this new Team Members Power Tool.
Collaboration Providers
3. Because there are numerous Instant Messaging systems out there and we can't possibly build integration with all of them, we have built an extensible system that allows you to build integration into whatever IM system you use.
4. Windows Shell Extension - We've built a Windows Shell Extension that allows you to do version control operations directly from the Windows shell.  No need to run VS/Team Explorer to do basic stuff any more.
5. PowerShell Support - We've started down the path of creating a PowerShell interface for TFS.
6. tfpt unshelve /undo - People often use shelvesets to do code reviews.  Sometimes they want to unshelve them to be able to review them carefully.The problem they run into is how to remove all traces of them from their workspace when they are done.
7. TFS Best Practices Analyzer improvements - With every release we improve the level of diagnostics the BPA tool can perform.  In this release we've added support for diagnosing SSL configuration issues and for diagnosing more problems that lead to Team Project Creation Wizard failures.