Forget full drives, embrace "The Cloud" (1:58) is the name of a clip which appeared on TV ONE news this evening.


There is a linkage between this clip and our next series of architect events scheduled for November through February.


This clip basically describes how Microsoft is building large data centres which operate ‘in the cloud’ and discusses some of Microsoft’s efforts in this area, Microsoft’s competitors efforts and attempts to give a brief description of the likely changes ‘cloud computing’ will bring about.


For those who have been attending our architect forums or keeping track of MSDN you will recognise this clip as referring to what has become known as Software plus Services (S+S).


The timing of this clip could not be more perfect – we have just released a downloadable white paper entitled “Introducing the Azure Services Platform”. The Azure services platform is a group of cloud technologies, each providing a specific set of services to application developers.  To put it another way, quoting from the white paper: “At a high level, Windows Azure is simple to understand: It’s a platform for running Windows applications and storing their data in the cloud.”

The components of the Azure Services Platform can be used by local applications running on a variety of systems, including various flavours of Windows, mobile devices, and others. *1

For additional information here is a link to Ray Ozzie, Microsoft’s Chief Architect, discussing Azure at PDC.

The Azure services platform is one of the new technologies being announced at PDC which is now on in Los Angeles. We have a number of folk, mostly customers and partners, who are either currently at PDC or who are attending follow up events. These folk will be presenting back to the rest of the NZ Architect community at our architect events in November through February next year. So there you go – there is the link to what you saw on TV One tonight and a way of learning so much more ... respond to your invites to the next lot of architect events and do check out that downloadable white paper .


*1: Those components include:

-          Windows Azure: Provides a Windows-based environment for running applications and storing data on servers in Microsoft data centers.

-          Microsoft .NET Services: Offers distributed infrastructure services to cloud-based and local applications.

-          Microsoft SQL Services: Provides data services in the cloud based on SQL Server.

-          Live Services: Through the Live Framework, provides access to data from Microsoft’s Live applications and others. The Live Framework also allows synchronizing this data across desktops and devices, finding and downloading applications, and more.