Heads up ! - the excellent Mr Nathan Mercer is doing the rounds again this time focusing on Windows 7.

This is a must if your into all things Tech Net and comes highly recommended for developers and architects as well. Lets face it most of us will using this technology or at least touching it within the next 12 months so here is a chance to get up to speed earlier rather than later. If you are not in Auckland, Wellingon or Christchurch then there is a live meeting option so you dont miss out entirely whereever you are.

TechNet UNPLUGGED Event: Windows 7 Technical Overview and Installfest - April 2009

Come along and learn about Windows 7 and get the opportunity to install the beta on your PC too.


Windows 7 Technical Overview for IT Pro’s – 90 minutes


The Windows 7 beta is out and everyone is excited about it. In this TechNet UNPLUGGED update we’ll feature what the new Windows 7 release means for the IT Pro in NZ. We will cover off both the new business and consumer technologies in this jam-packed-demo-filled session including: the new UI, taskbar and shell, Federated Search, BranchCache, DirectAccess, UAC, IE8, AppLocker, BitLocker To Go, the new Problem Steps Recorder as well as the updated Management, Compatibility and Deployment tools.


At the end of the learning session, stay around and load Windows 7 beta onto your machine -


Windows 7 Installfest – 60 minutes

This is your opportunity to install the Windows 7 beta on your own machine.  You bring your computer - we bring the Windows 7 installation and a Microsoftee to help.


A test PC for the Windows 7 Beta should meet these minimum hardware recommendations:

·         1 GHz 32-bit or 64-bit processor

·         1 GB of system memory

·         16 GB of available disk space

·         Support for DirectX 9 graphics with 128 MB memory (in order to enable Aero theme)

·         DVD-R/W Drive or machine that supports booting from USB

Please bring a spare, non-production computer to install the beta software onto. We will help with loading Windows 7 onto your machines, and will have wired or wireless Internet connections available for drivers and updates.  If for some reason, Windows 7 does not have the appropriate driver for your computer hardware, we will do our best to download drivers off the Internet and get them onto a USB key for you. We won’t be able to provide “support” afterwards, but we’ve created an online forum where you can ask questions.


If you didn’t get a chance to download your own copy of Windows 7 beta we will have a supply of Windows 7 DVDs.


What you need to know before installing the Beta


Register for a Windows 7 Beta product key


Presented by Microsoft Technical Advisor, Nathan Mercer. This is a Level 300 event for IT Pros. Registration is free, dates and locations below.


AM Sessions: 9 - 11.30am

Wellington 2 Apr: Register
Auckland 14 Apr: Register
Christchurch 16 Apr: Register

Live Meeting 9 - 10.30am 21 Apr: Register

PM Sessions: 4 - 6.30pm

Wellington 2 Apr: Register
Auckland 14 Apr: Register
Christchurch 16 Apr: Register