Every year we run a series of architect forums for folk who are interested in getting some basic insights into developing their skills so as they can either become an architect or develop their existing architect skills.

The sessions are being held in Auckland (April 23), Wellington (April 30) and Christchurch (April 21) and will last about an hour. This is a great chance to spend an hour in 'self development' so please take a look at the invitation below or encourage your staff / peers to do so.

Please do use the appropriate RSVP link if you intend coming along.

Title: How to become a software architect (or: What do software architects do?) by Amir Shevat 

Software architecture is a critical, complex and exciting role that bridges between business and technology. Software architecture is also one of the roles that arguably is less understood then other roles in software development. In this session we will talk about what it means to be an architect. We will understand how architects contribute to the business and to the development process. We will also review the major challenges and software aspects an architect is responsible for, and explore the ways one becomes a successful architect. 

About Amir Shevat: 

Amir Shevat is a senior architect in Datacom Systems in New Zealand with over 10 years experience in software development and architecture. Previously, Amir served as an Architect Advisor at Microsoft working with enterprise and startup companies, helping them to utilized and develop software over the Microsoft stack. Amir also held the position of a Software Architect in Comverse as well as several other technical roles in startups worldwide.  Amir believes in the “keeping it simple” approach to software architecture and development rather than complex and cumbersome solutions. He tries to keep is designs as simple and as close to the business domain as possible.


Venues and Dates – see Under Christchurch, Auckland, Wellington


Christchurch - 1:00pm Tuesday April 21 2009


Where is the Event: Telecom Customer Briefing Centre, Ground Floor, Telecom House, 109 Hereford Street, Christchurch

When do I need to RSVP by: Friday 17 April 2009;


How to RSVP for Christchurch:  To accept click on this accept email link  and send the email created with the accept subject line.


Auckland - 12 Noon Thursday April 23 2009


Where is the Event: Microsoft’s Auckland offices – MPC Room, Level 5, 22 Viaduct Harbour Ave, Auckland (next door to Vodafone, the building is bounded by Halsey St and Viaduct Harbour Drive))

Where to Park: There is a Wilson car park which you can access from Halsey or Gaunt Streets (turn off Fanshawe at Halsey and head towards the harbour, Gaunt St is first on left)

From Rail (Brittomart): Allow 15 minutes for the walk – Head down Customs St West towards the Harbour Bridge – Custom St West changes into Viaduct Harbour Drive – keep going until you see the large Vodofone sign just before Halsey St;


When do I need to RSVP by: Tuesday 21 April 2009


How to RSVP for Auckland: To accept click on this accept email link  and send the email created with the accept subject line.


Wellington – 1pm Thursday April 30 2009


Where is the Event: Microsoft’s Wellington offices, Mana Room - Level 12 Vodafone on the Park (formerly Mobil House), 157 Lambton Quay (the building behind Midland Park)


When do I need to RSVP by: Tuesday 28 April 2009;


RSVP Details:


How to RSVP for Wellington: To accept click on this accept email link for 1.00pm session  and send the email created with the accept subject line;