January, 2004

  • Mark Cliggett's WebLog

    Past Week

    This past week was a blur - lots and lots going on. A few highlights: I had lunch with Robert Scoble and had a great talk about the power of blogs in building community. We're in the midst of planning more frequent drops of Whidbey bits, and two of...
  • Mark Cliggett's WebLog

    Whidbey betas

    Robert Scoble's blog asked the “how do I get the Whidbey beta?” question. I can't answer that yet, but I can tell you about the direction we're headed in for betas in the Tools division. There are 3 areas that we want to improve: - broad...
  • Mark Cliggett's WebLog

    Developers, community and Microsoft

    A week ago I took a new job running the team that is driving the Developer Division's community efforts for Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. (I planned to write this in my first day in the job, but promptly got pretty sick and just returned to the...
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