There's a fair amount of interest in wikis in the Developer Division.  Several of us have been bouncing ideas around for where we could experiment with wikis in our interactions with people outside the company.  I wanted to put one idea out and see if there's interest (or if it Just Happens :-)) - a Whidbey wiki along the lines of Wikipedia only focused on the Whidbey release.  I can see it starting as a simple dictionary/glossary, describing terms or new features, but it could expand in a lot of ways - detailed descriptions of how things work under-the-covers, some higher-level explanation of the user scenarios Whidbey enables (including gaps/issues in those scenarios).  I would expect a significant portion of the content would come from the community, but I know there would be numerous people inside MS contributing as well (and I would encourage the rest). 

Would people see value in this?  Is there anyone out there who is eager to put this infrastructure in place?  If so I'd love to work with you to make this successful.  There is the potential for making this happen inside the company, but lots of people get involved, they have (legitimate) concerns about things like vandalism, there are questions about whether wiki is the best approach, etc..  Your feedback will be helpful in figuring out how much energy to spend on this, and maybe it will come from the community instead - like pdcbloggers or longhornblogs.