I received a question asking how/if people who aren't MSDN subscribers can get this build.  Unfortunately, we do not yet have a way to enable this.  The issue is really one of not figuring out the logistics yet - we want to do this. 

There are two (obvious) approaches - some kind of media fulfillment process (e.g. pay a small shipping/handling charge and we'll mail it to you) and downloads.  The issue with the former is that when/if we drop builds more frequently the manufacturing/distribution cost and the delay end up being significant for everyone.  The issues with the latter are that we apparently do not have a reliable mechanism for non-MSDN subscribers to download something as large as Whidbey, and I saw a piece of email indicating that the bandwidth consumed serving up the download costs us more than making media.  We're in the process of sorting through the issues.  I'm 99% certain that the Whidbey beta will have media fulfillment for non-MSDN subscribers.  But we need a definitive answer for these non-beta technical previews as well. 

This technical preview is available to a lot of people, relative to what we've done before:  alpha customers, MVPs, VSLive/PDC/MDC attendees, and MSDN subscribers.  But if you aren't in one of those groups I'm sure this step forward in availability offers no consolation.  Please bear with us as we work through this - a lot of our tools/processes assume infrequent/small numbers and we're having to change them to do what we want.