After several long weeks after TechEd, Visual Studio 2005 Beta 1 has shipped. There are a bunch of great new features in Visual Studio as a whole, and a great experience for Mobile developers. Much of the desktop development experience has been integrated into the Mobile development tools, including designers, debugging, managed and native development tools. There will be lots of discussion about these in the coming days and weeks as everyone gets to play with the product.

We are all looking forward to getting lots of feedback from the people who are using it to see what other things we need to do to get it ready for shipping. There are a couple of ways to provide feedback: use the Microsoft newsgroups, or use the new MSDN Product Feedback tool (AKA Ladybug). The bugs that get entered in the Product Feedback tool go directly to our bug databases where they are triaged daily. If you want to make a difference--that's the most direct path.