April, 2004

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    Is spyware damaging our industry?

    After spending many hours removing spyware from my home family PC, I'm so pleased that the industry is taking this malicious software seriously. IMO, the deceptive behaviour used by these companies is tantamount to fraud and is damaging our industry....
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    Were you fooled?

    In the UK there is a tradition of newspaper and radio folk running fake stories on April 1st (April Fool's Day). This Guardian newspaper article summarises some of the ones that were run today. A quick scan of the major US newspapers didn't show any...
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    New Tricks (Thinking in C#)

    Attending a great “Designing .NET Class Libraries” class run by Brad Abrams today. I was surprised to see a coding pattern that I would commonly use in C++ and be told that was NOT the best way to do this in C#. int len = array.Length...
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