After spending many hours removing spyware from my home family PC, I'm so pleased that the industry is taking this malicious software seriously. IMO, the deceptive behaviour used by these companies is tantamount to fraud and is damaging our industry.

Microsoft have created a new web site on this subject.

If there is one positive thing to come out this practice, it's that there's no such thing as free software. Ok, there is such a thing as free software and the developer community does an awesome job. I do wish that companies were forced to declare the real price a user pays when they download an executable, and I don't mean something hidden in the EULA.

I also wish there was a verification process when dowloading executables - something similiar to the Authenticode mechanism used for ActiveX controls. IMO, the whole process needs to be more transparent - I know this conflicts with the 'perceived' freedom and anonymity of the Internet, but something has to give.

Word of the week: hortatory

Mark Davis (MSFT)

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