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August, 2006

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After spending three years helping to build and ship the Windows Communication Foundation (WCF), I have shifted focus from the component / framework side of things and moved to an actual product team.  I am working on the next version of Microsoft Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007.  However, my experience with WCF will not be in vain as I can utilize this space as an outlet for discussions and investigations into the world of web services.  Will you join me?

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    Seven Segment Countdown Timer

    Sometimes the inspiration for funny little applications induces as much laughter as the application itself. Although, in my experience, often these inspirations seem ridiculous to the point that I never sit down to turn inspiration into implementation...
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    ServiceModelReg and FileLoadException

    When ServiceModelReg runs and checks if a given section [group] handler is installed, if that handler points to a type in an assembly that cannot be found, ServiceModelReg may fail with a FileLoadFoundException. This has happened in the past when customers...
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    ServiceModelReg, WCF Setup, and Exceptions...Oh my!

    During WCF install, or while troubleshooting a WCF configuration related issue, you may have run into our WCF registration tool ServiceModelReg. This tool provides a command line mechanism for you to manage the WCF configuration of a machine. Most often...
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    WCF July CTP Missing Config Intellisense

    Recently, I received a question about the WCF configuration intellisense in our July CTP release from Nilesh Pagare. After installing the July WCF CTP Nilesh no longer had our configuration intellisense when modifying either app.config or web.config files...
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